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Product F.A.Q.

Product F.A.Q

  • How is Blue Air Different from all Competitors in the Commercial Refrigeration Business?

    Blue Air excels past its competitors in the Commercial Refrigeration and Restaurant Service Business by offering the best combination of superior products, competitive prices, and excellent service. We provide more value to our customers in the food service industry by offering better products for less. We also deliver peace of mind to our customers by providing timely and excellent service. We are in the business of selling service, not just selling equipment.
  • What is the warranty coverage on all Blue Air products?

    Bottom-Mount Solid Door Units, Sandwich Prep Tables, and Under Counter Units come with a 24 months parts & labor, 5 years on compressor. Chest Freezers come with a 1 year parts & labor, 5 years on compressor. Sushi Cases and Bull Safes come with a 90 day parts warranty. Warranties are valid only in the continental United States.
  • How do I register my Blue Air product for warranty coverage?

    You can either complete the warranty card that is issued with the unit and return it within 12 (twelve) days from the date of installation or you can register at this website under "Warranty".
  • Where are the model and the serial numbers located in my unit?

    They are located in the upper front left side corner.
  • Who do I call if I need service on my Blue Air product?

    You can either call us at our toll free number (1-866-677- 8500) or you can call the location of which your unit was purchased.
  • Which units are ETL and NSF certified?

    All Stainless Solid Reach-ins, Glass Door Units, Sushi Cases, Equipment Stands, Wall Shelves, Sinks, and Work Tables are NSF certified. All Chest Freezers, Sandwich Prep Tables, and Under Counter Units are ETL certified.
  • How many watts does my unit use?

    Multiply the total amount of amperage by the total amount of voltage. (Refer to the specifications under "Products" on the Blue Air web page).
  • How much money will I spend on electricity per year with this unit?

    Find out how many watts are used for your unit and then contact your local electric company. Your electric company should be able to calculate your approximate bill for the year.
  • What are the sizes of the casters on my unit?

    They are 4~6 inches. The front two casters have brakes and the rear casters do not.
  • Are all of the Bull Safes "fire proof"?

    All of the steel material that is used to make the Bull Safe, is "fire proof". The only models that are completely "fire proof" are the BSF20E and the BSF30E. Also the bottom compartments of the BSD2EE, BS3D22, BS-ER02, and the BSS2EE are considered completely "fire safe". Please understand that you cannot have a "fire proof" safe if there are slots, depositories, or any openings that can allow oxygen to enter the safe.