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Service Tips

Service Tips


    – You must clean the condenser every 3~4 months. This is your responsibility and part of basic maintenance.
    – Frequently check the drain pan and empty when necessary
    – Compressor warranties are voided if damaged due to lack of maintenance.
    – All food products should be at least 2 inches away from the back of the unit wall for proper circulation
    – Load all food starting at the bottom shelving for best circulation. This will keep the foods at a similar temp.
    – Never use extension cords. Compressor warranties are voided if damaged due to low voltage.
    – Keep the unit away from long exposure to sunlight and other heat generating units.
    – The unit should be properly leveled to provide adequate drainage.
    – Make sure that the castors w/brakes are installed in the front.
    – Never overstock foods above the permitted line and always use shelving.
    – Make sure that the unit is installed in a well ventilated area with at least 7 inches of clearance on all sides.
    – Try to avoid opening the door too frequently.
    – Do not load products that are too warm or moist into the unit.
    – Unit lamps are not included in the warranty.
    – Do not set the temp too low if not necessary.


    Unit should be cleaned with a mild soap and warm water. Do not use caustic soap or abrasive cleaners, since these might cause damage. Never use steel wool, strong acids, or abrasive cleaners to clean cabinet interior or exterior. Acidic products and products containing vinegar must be stored in sealed containers to prevent acid damage to the interior of the unit and the evaporator coil.



    Use mild soapy water and cloth or sponge toclean the inside of the unit



    -This function is to acknowledge customer for the condenser cleaning time in every 6 months. Dust piled up on the conderser pin can provoke mal-refrigeration function and compressor overload. So please clean periodically.
    – Clean out condenser.
    – Informing cleaning time : while buzzer sounds continuous for 1 hour, “CL” on the display 2 blinks.
    – Releasing alarm : please press ” Mode” & “Manual” buttons at the same time for 5 seconds, 2Then buzzer stops and ” CL” disappears and show current temperature.

    – In case of user’s no compulsive cancellation like absence.

    – Buzzer : will stop after 1 hour serial alarm
    – Display : keep blinking “CL” untill the compulsive cancellation.



    For the most effective operation of the Refrigeration unit, It is recommended that the condenser coil and fans be cleaned at least every 3 to 4 months. Remove the back panel for access, By not cleaning the condenser it can cause comperssor malfunction and will VOID ANY WARRANTY!
    STEP 1: First you must remove the grill located at bottom or Top of the unit.

    BASF and BASR(Bottom-Mount) / KPSF and KPSR(Top-Mount) / BAUR, BAUF and BAPT(Rear), BACF(side)


    STEP 2: Simply brush any dust or lint away lightly or use a vacuum cleaner.

    STEP 3: Then replace the grill.


    Attention! You must clean your condenser at least every 3 to 4 months. Also the condenser fin should be checked monthly. Failure to do so may cause your compressor to overload and in reaction your unit will no longer function properly. Also this is considered to be maintenance and is not covered in your warranty. Lack of maintenance will result in a voided warranty.